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Monster Girl Commissions 10% Off* Through 10/14/17

Hey, y'all!  I'm leaving Saturday's Sketch Stream offer on the table for the rest of the week!  If you've got a monster girl you want art of (or even just an OC you'd like to see monster'd up), you'll get 10% off the normal asking price!  If you're curious how that stacks up, you can check out the typical costs on the present price list.  The discount covers the whole thing and then some - NSFW and the like still gets the full discount, and it even applies towards backgrounds and the like!

As an added bonus, bills are garbage this month, so every contribution towards Kaz and I's financial stability can be made knowing that we'll almost definitely make audible squeals of joyous relief upon seeing it in the account.  Alternatively, if that weirds you out, you can pretend that's not happening (but it probably still is).

There's some fine print down below our girl Nyx.  Don't worry, she only bites when asked.
Stash Demon 2 by Zaron
*Payments to be made via Paypal (no Points, sorry).  Existing visual character reference required for discount to be applied.  10% is taken out of final price, ie. after NSFW rates are applied.  Hooray!  Discount doesn't apply to more out-there things where I have to pull a price out of the ether, because I'm already making that junk up as it is.  I'm looking at you, comic pages and the oddly growing crap doodle market.
Alrighty, I promised a general update on Tumblr a few days back, and by golly here it is.

You may have noticed that Ask Muse has been more or less absent lately.  I’m in some weird hybrid state of being uninspired on the matter, unless I’m too inspired, and then I don’t have time to answer the questions in a way I find satisfying, so you could say Muse’s Q&A is becoming a sometimes food when I find that happy place where I can get it done and not immediately hate it.  It’s not dead, but it is becoming strictly off-schedule.

Part of the reason for this is that we’re prepping to change up said schedule pretty severely.  Those of you who’ve been around since the early days of this thing may recall that glorious span of time where we updated twice a week.  For the time being, we’re getting things in motion to start doing that again, meaning that at some point in the near future you should be seeing new pages pop up Mondays and Thursdays like in the olden times yer granpappy babbles on about.

For those of you into my goings-on on Picarto, this has been accomplished in part via some pretty notable schedule changes, most notably that the second and fourth Saturday of any given month is now dedicated to what is being called the “Lonely EX” Stream.  On-stream comic work is going to start being two or three pages ahead pretty often, so mind that if you’re the spoiler-averse sort, and also mind the NSFW warning because that stuff
happens kinda at the drop of a hat all the time.  Sorry, kiddies.

Hopefully that’ll perk some of y’all up in these trying times and such.  As for that Patreon goal we had going to make this happen, I’m not sure what we’ll replace that with, if anything, but any continued support is greatly appreciated!

See y’all Thursday.
- Z.
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Hey guys!  This week's page is getting delayed, for a couple reasons.  Kazzie's got some of her pain issues flaring up and is dealing with some personal things.  It works out though, because I wanted this next one to be a double anyway and didn't manage to get the second page sketched out in time for that to be reasonable.  With any luck, next week'll be a double update, and we'll all be happy (I hope)!

Have a nice week!
First off, thank you everyone for all the birthday well-wishes!  I wound up with a veritable flood of the things, which is pretty flattering.  I had a good day and Kaz made a cake of such rich chocolately bliss that it may have killed a lesser man.  (Probably not, everyone loved it, it was very good.  But if I paint it as a lethal weapon, maybe nobody will steal the rest of my cake. :x )

Second, for a real quick Lonely Hooves update:
We're trying to get more of a buffer so we'll have less delays going on.  This week's may be a bit behind again, but nobody seemed to overly mind last week's being a day behind too badly.  There's been some joyous anxiety and straight up unpleasant physical states between the both of us that's been making getting most anything done pretty difficult for a couple weeks now, but at least on my part I'm trying to kick the mental side of that to the curb.  Things should be back to normal around here soon enough.

Segwaying on that note, I've got me a small stack of commissions that have been waiting for me to shake off this funk as well, so hopefully you lot that got anything past a sketch will start getting updates again here in a week or two as I actually start getting some of this stuff done.  Sorry for the relative silence.  (Second that for the streaming lull while I'm at it.  I've really been in a sour place mentally for a couple weeks.)

Lastly, if any of you are of the FurAffinity inclination, I've started a new account over there recently.  You can find that right here.  There's not a lot there yet, but I figure if I'm going to try and get back into commission work there's no harm in spreading back out a bit.

That's about all for now.  Hope you're all survivin' 2017 so far.
Sketch Sale!! by Zaron
Can't seem to catch the sketch streams when they happen?  Find the usual prices just a smidge out of your budget?  Now's your chance to get a doodle (and help me out with some lingering moving expenses in the process)!

If you're interested, please note me!  Sale prices are for the month of February only, or until I get enough of a backlog that I need to cut things off.

Usual sketch rules apply:
Visual references of a character aren't required, but working off of a written description takes extra time and will this increase the cost slightly.  Complicated characters / interactions may be subject to an upmark as well.

Ya'll have some general questions?  Let's see if I can catch those out of the gate!

Can I commission a more "finished" piece, and does the sale price still apply?
Yes!  I'll be cutting commission prices across the board for most simple pieces, but you'll need to note me if you'd like a quoted price for what you specifically want.  That said, Expression Sheet commissions are presently closed.

Do you do NSFW?
I'm open to some light pin-up work, but I'll charge more for it and will have to consider the work on a case-by-case basis.  If you want my presently near-only recent work in this ballpark, this is a pretty good example.  That said, it never hurts to ask!

What currency are these prices in, and how do I pay?
Prices are in US Dollars, and payment will be via Paypal once your commission is accepted.  I do not accept Points at this point in time.
DoneWithTheSickness Act 2 by Zaron

The fevers have hit Katie this week!  Oh no!  Good thing DD’s here to provide treatment!  Pass the anesthetic!  Doctor, we’re losing her!  We’re gonna have to amputate!  Pass the jigsaw!  500 pieces! Extra colors!! STAT!!

(I’m sorry the big reveal’s been delayed twice in a row, guys!  >_>;; )

Time for a general update, you lot.  I'll go over the bullet points and then elaborate after, for the sake of folks inclined to brevity:
  • Keep an eye peeled for streams over the next few days! Planning to try for a sketch stream this weekend (hopefully for reals this time), possibly Friday?
  • No page tonight; the next one's a double, though.
  • Trying for a new work schedule, which is part of the delay but should yield long-term upsides if I can manage it.
  • Also trying to manage stress of our housing situation, which Kazziepones elaborates on here, and if you want to help with this hogwash she started a GoFundMe here.
That's the shortlist!

Okay, so here's the long version:

I'm trying to get my work schedule altered to four longer days as opposed to five shorter ones, since I rarely get much of note done on weeknights as it is anyway.  I'm hoping this'll help me balance my personal work and open up more streaming opportunities for you guys to come and hang out and maybe sometimes get a sketch or two, because that's something that I enjoy doing that also just kinda helps me out both financially and with inflating my own lacking ego.  Hooray!  For now, though, it's going to help us out with house hunting.

We got a notice at the start of the month that our apartments' corporate overlords want to boot us out, renovate, and turn the place around for something like a 50% rent hike they can't legally lay on us. More tactfully, or really as they put it directly, they don't wish to renew our lease, which is up in December, giving us something like a month to find a new place, move to that new place, still pay the rent where we are but also the rent and deposit and such where we're going, and somehow in the middle of this remember Christmas is at the same time and manage to not get sad about it.  (No promises on managing all of that.)

We've had some offers of help from family and friends, and we also don't have a hard number for costs until we figure out where we're even going, which is really hard to do when you work 9 to 5 on weekdays, need those hours to get by, and oops also that's the only time your prospective new housing is available to even be looked into.  Cool beans!  So I've expidited the process of switching to less but longer work days that I'd planned to go for come year's end anyway, and we're hoping to use those days to figure out how to not end up under a bridge somewhere.  It's a fun situation, to be sure.

While I'm not one to panhandle, Kazzie's watchers brought up GoFundMe, and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  If you feel like throwing us a one-time bone, you can catch that right here.  (I feel obligated to mention our Patreon here less out of begging and more out of "yes I realize both of these things exist, albeit for different purposes," like a confession of artist's guilt, because apparently it's common for artsy farts to think they don't deserve jack diddly for what they do, never mind ask for aid besides.)  If nothing else, it'll cushion the blow a bit; we've finally hit a point where we've more or less financially stabilized as opposed to rolling into debt, so we don't exactly have a huge stockpile of savings to address the matter since we're still gonna be paying off our assorted crap for quite a long while.

That ends the long-winded talk about depressing things.  Let's address art crap:

Lonely Hooves is getting a delay this week, and you can blame me for this one entirely.  Between the housing stress, work schedule shifts, and general emotional wear and tear, I found myself staring down a two-page update that needed a fair amount of last-minute design work before it could even get going.  Rather than willingly approach a true and ultimate meltdown, I decided to call it for the week and focus on making this moment as close to what I've been picturing for literal years as I could.  I'm bummed to push our visitor reveal another week, but hopefully it'll be worthwhile in the end.

That said, there has been a ton of design work for these pages, between all the different iterations of our spooky intruders, laying out the area, working out the wagon, setting the general mood of the scene... I keep promising it'll end up on Patreon as we go, but it's such a cluttered lot that odds are I'll just mass post it in a couple months when it's not full of spoilers I'll need to edit out.  That's the sort of thing I want Patrons to get in on, so I'm excited for it, but it's a big ol' mess!  Maybe I'll slap the MP3 of this last page's little bonus up on there in the meantime.  Iunno.

What I do know is that I'm facing down a four-day weekend, and despite the things I want to catch up on, I'd also love to have a sketch stream sometime.  Thursday seems like a bit of a batty notion since a fair portion of you lot'll be experiencing a right old turkey coma, so I'm thinking Friday evening.  I know I said the same last week, but between a general lack of interest on all channels and my own waning mental fortitude, I took a personal day instead. (I may have taken several.  I'm dealing with some things.)  I've no excuses this week, though, so keep your eyes your watch notices Friday night if you want to come shake off whatever your racist uncle screamed across the table or forget football is a thing for five minutes and maybe order a sketch while you're at it.

(On that, In the Bath House did all right, and there's been interest in this sort of thing but I'm not sure where I or even my general audience sits with it, but: I've been considering maybe having a potential NSFW slot for the end of the streams?  It'd happen pretty late, like early AM, when the kiddies have generally gone to bed, but I'm not super confident I'm mentally ready to deal with whatever audience that might draw in and I've had less than stellar experience with it in the past, so I'm super on the fence about it.  I know it's not why most of you are here, and I do try to consider that sort of thing as well.  I'm open to input!)

That's about the gist of it.  Thanks for your time, patience, support, all that good jazz, and if you decide to tune in Friday night (or any time this long weekend, I've a lot to work through and my family's doing Thanksgiving on Sunday for whatever reason) I'll see you there!
Okay so this one's super short notice because I never really "settled" on doing it but like...

Tomorrow (Today?! It's very late) afternoon / evening I'll probably have an open sketch stream.  I've got back-up work I'll chip at if that doesn't see much for takers, but if that interests any of you lot I'm hoping to be live at a somewhat reasonable time, though I make no promises.

As usual, I'll try and get a proper announcement up on here once we're ready to go, but it never hurts to follow me on Picarto!

Now you can watch me blast through this thing at something like 7000% Speed.  It's sorta bonkers, so have fun with that!
We've got another one finally! How exciting. I also had an urgent commission pop up, with a second in the pipes, but my priorities insisted that the thing I started a month ago get finished before becoming overly concerned with more of that business. Here's both of the finished things:
[Comm.] Graphite Edge Expression Sheet by Zaron [Comm.] Feel You In My Heart by Zaron

My next undertaking is that other urgent comm., but hopefully that won't be too heavy a task. As for expression sheets, here's the queue as it presently stands!
1. Oridons
2. Hart-Fort
3. Mugen7

A four row sheet still sits around the $60 marker, but I can adjust that for how many rows you want, so if that's your jam drop me a line!
Hey guys!

So you may have noticed I finally got the second commissioned expression sheet up:
[Comm.] Dusk Quill Expression Sheet by Zaron

The last couple weeks have been rather hectic (and the Lonely pages a bit beyond the norm in terms of effort required), so it's been slow going, but I'm hoping I can recover pace over the next week or so.  So far so good!

I've muttered a few times about posting an open queue, so I think I should probably finally do that thing I just said.  So, without further ado:

Expression Sheet Queue List:

1. LuminosityXVII
2. Oridons
3. Hart-Fort
4. [This could be you!]

If things get out of hand, I'll cap this off, but for now consider the default state of Expression Sheet commissions open!  The price is still settling a bit, but at the moment for the full four rows expect something in the ballpark of $60 US. (About $15 per row, usually.)

I was worried about the queue getting out of hand, but I'm pretty sure that by some point nobody's going to want to be tenth in line or whatever and it'll sorta control itself.  Maybe I'm wrong!  Let's find out together. I'll cap it off again if it gets overwhelming.

If you want some pone sketches or avatars or anything, drop me a line!  Also, none of this is restricted to the pony crowd. I can still do all manner of fuzzy things. ;o Or not fuzzy!  But especially fuzzy.
Alright, guys. I keep saying I'll address this and I'm sitting here stuck in the office for a while anyway, so this seems as good a time as any.

I've received a couple inquiries looking for permissions regarding the translation of Lonely Hooves into other languages.  This is super cool, but warranted some discussion between myself and Kazziepones, as LH is our shared monster child and also the first thing presenting us with this situation.  I've been sitting on that discussion's results for a while, mulling over the best route to take with things, and just generally didn't want to rush the situation any more than I already had (which is why I sorta dropped the ball and went more or less completely silent on the matter with regards to responding to the inquiries I'd already received).

My present stance is that Lonely is a fan work and derivative by nature; Hasbro could shut me down with so much as a light sneeze in my direction, so it's not like I'm about to monetize it.  As such, translations outside of my own hosting don't do much to hurt the work as a whole; there's no ad revenue lost, no profits to swindle away, and not a lot of copyright grounds for me to stand on to stop translations even if I wanted to.  We'd discussed the idea of creating an account exclusively for Lonely translations to avoid flooding our galleries with sudden 80+ page dumps of page uploads, but I can't see that being particularly manageable without giving up a lot of that account's security for the various uploaders, nor do I see it being notably necessary, so I think we'll avoid that route for now.

Everything stated, though, I'd like to keep in touch with anyone translating the work so I can keep an eye on the general quality and reactions, lurk the comments with the power of Google Translate, and generally just make sure you're not converting the whole thing into your dialect's variant of repeating the f-bomb 70 times a panel instead of having actual dialouge.

That said, here is my present "official" translation policy for Lonely Hooves:
  • Please note me about wanting to translate!  It'll make the rest of this much, much easier, and (pending a couple things) allow me to help the process along with cleaner files.
  • Translators can upload translations to their accounts, but we require proper credit and citation.  This generally means an inclusion of the footnotes found on our own uploads, as follows:

    :iconzaron: - writing, pencils
    :iconkazziepones: - inks, colors
    Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro

    Support us on Patreon!
    Lonely Hooves on Tumblr:

    This note can be translated with the rest of the page descriptors, include translation credits after the original authors', and may include page or gallery navigation at the uploader's discretion.  That said...
  • Please give Lonely Hooves a sub-folder in your gallery!  This doesn't just serve as an easy access point for your readers, but gives us something to link to for readers looking to find the comic in their own language.  Sub-gallery descriptions or links to languages besides the one you've translated to are always favorable, but not required if there is a link to the English sub-gallery on this account, where I will aim to have links to translated languages.
  • We do not need to accept translations as "official" if it becomes clear that they are not meeting our quality standards.  This generally means we are free to dismiss any translation that is abandoned, clearly failing to meet quality expectations, isn't following these guidelines, or really just about anything that could go wrong.  Basically, nothing here is a binding contract because we're talking about a fan work and all have the legal foothold of a snake caught in a mudslide, but we'd like to make it as mutually beneficial as we can for ourselves, our translators, and our readers.
  • As previously implied, translations we accept as "official" will be linked to in some manner to be determined from the main English gallery in some manner of index. We may also offer similar links on the Lonely Hooves Tumblr account.
It is my hope that this policy can help grow Lonely's fanbase, community, and availability.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note and I will try to answer them as soon as I can!

(And, as a reminder of that starting note, this still needs to be finalized!  I just finally had the time and focus to get this all jotted down, and extra motivation from some who are super eager to start!  I hope this works for you guys!)
Let's try this thing!

I'm opening up commissions for these things!

Lonely Hooves Expression Sheet by Zaron Hazel Expression Sheet by Zaron

If you'd like one of these, here's the bullet points!

Each sheet will start at the introductory price of $15 for one row of four faces; these are colored sketches, formatted like the examples above, with your choice of emotions on display! Each additional row adds $10! (These are US Dollars, fyi! I forget that's relevant sometimes.) Particularly complicated characters could result in the exact price varying a bit, but given that these are face shots I don't expect that to happen particularly often.

For anyone wondering, no, it does not have to be pony!  I can tackle equines in typical Lonely Hooves fashion, give your fursona a cute grin, or draw 20 different forms of general disinterest as demonstrated by your cat (cat photos appreciated, because cats). Don't be afraid to ask; I've been slapping dork faces on things since I was a wee lad. I can probably make it happen! Probably.

If you'd like to request a certain color or font scheme for a sheet for whatever reason, that's not a problem (provided I have the typeface you're after or a solid approximation, at least)! If you need details on all the layers involved for some serious break-downery, I'll do my best to provide. If that's not something you're worried about, I'll just try to cater it to your character as best I can, and you'll have final approval. Easy peasy!

The hard part from you, oh interested party, is that I need a solid summary of your character's personality! Different people make different faces, and personality is a large part of sussing out the details. We're talking elevator pitch, here; archetypes, generalizations and tropes are all welcome here. The more I can distill the subject's essence down, the more I can bring to the table (in theory).

If that's all well and good, just drop me a note on what you're after and I'll get back to you! First come, first serve, and I'm only taking the first five of these that I get cleared for now. If you miss that mark by a slight margin, I'll give you right of first refusal, so to speak, when these open up again, so you'll have first dibs on the next round.

That's all for now!

P.S. I know a couple of you at least are waiting for a follow-up regarding translating Lonely Hooves to other languages. I'm sorry this has taken so long! We've been sorting some things out, as some concerns were raised on our end on the matter, but I think we have a notion that's fairly agreeable to everyone involved. We'll see! I'll probably make this an official thing in a short enough time, and thank you for your patience.
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Blerg. Okay.

Right out of the gate, there's a big fat update I just put up on Patreon. Feel free to peruse that at your leisure, but the quick and dirty of it as it applies to 99.9% of you is as follows:
  • There is now only one reward tier at $2.  You get access to any private blog post stuff, the sketched page previews of upcoming Lonely pages, and basically anything else I decide to put there.  This is a drop from $5 before, and also a significant drop in BS I need to manage with no payoff on my end.  I think this is better for everybody involved.
  • Patron wallpapers will go public once they hit six months of age, so expect to see some of those go up soon.  They are of varying quality, imo, but there's some treasure in there that I've always been miffed wasn't more visible.
  • Lonely is probably going to sit at a weekly update schedule for the foreseeable future, save some major change in our overall situation.
I'm more than a little worried that that last point is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I really do feel that it's for the best; the page work is showing almost immediate improvement, there's less stress in trying to balance comic work with anything else we have going on, and in turn we're both trying to dedicate some time to stretching out of our comfort zones and learn new things, which is why I keep posting weird stuff like Trainers and that Mecha-Umbreon thing lately.  On that front, I'm also trying to hit a point where I can take proper commissions again and make that more DA-friendly and obvious, or maybe even start having time for sketch streams again.

We're both trying to manage a fine pile of things, and while Lonely's pace is taking a bit of a hit for it, I think it'll pay off in the long run, and hopefully even do so in ways you guys feel is worth the trade.  Time will tell!

If you've got any qualms, feel free to spout 'em off.  I'll try to answer what I can.

- Zar
Hey, guys! I'mma try to keep this at least moderately brief.

First off, thank you all for the birthday well-wishes!  They are very much appreciated and actually sort of overwhelming.  You lot are fantastic!  I had a solid one.  We went and saw Deadpool.  I'm not sure what else is required, honestly.  It was a wonderful time.

Second, and more somberly, if the wallpaper for this last month just posting hasn't made it abundantly clear, I am horribly behind on everything, which, in turn, is leaving us rushing through anything that comes up and putting out what has been decided is subpar work.

To that end, we're going to try cutting Lonely back to once a week for a month or so; the present scene ends with this next page, and the hope is that the slower pace will give me time to reclaim some buffer, give Kazzie time to actually get things inked and ready before the last minute (the last couple pages have been so clench that I've had to cover assorted bits when her energy's expired), and generally improve the overall quality of things and reduce the frequency or incredibly wonky face structures or whatever else has been plaguing the last couple weeks.

We'll be updating on Thursdays and seeing how this goes; I'm hoping it won't be a permanent thing, but I need to play some catch-up or the entire deal will keep suffering, never mind Patreon maintenance (I need a new banner by the 15th, when the page layout is forcibly updated to their new creator page format).

I'll try and keep you guys posted and not make this place a barren waste in the meantime; I've got a random personal piece I'm slowly chipping at, a comission to do, and some concepts I'd love to work out.  The next wallpaper shouldn't be nearly this late in the month (I plan to get going on that rather soon, honestly).  The proposed 7-10 stream schedule remains really variable, but maybe if I get things smoothed out I can make something more solid.  It really depends what I'm working on and how solidly that chunk of time is secured on any given night, but I'm trying to nail down more than nothing with all of this and make it more of a minor speedbump than a complete shift in gears.

Catch'a later!
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I finally posted an official status of sorts on SoT's site, and a general overview of what I've been up to.  Feel free to give that a gander, if you're the sort.

And if you don't know what SoT is, hi there!  You're probably here for the thing I've been working on instead.  That's fine!  We both love that thing, I hope. I hope that's why you're reading it.
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It happened.  I hit the number.  How exciting!

I wanted to do something special for 500 DA watchers like what I did for hitting 100 on Tumblr (which is now right up on the verge of 200!) and I'd still like to, but I'm sort of drowning in work for my allotted time this week.  For the time being, a sincere "thank you" journal will have to do, so that's this thing.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support of this giant, stupid fanfiction project, whether it's the main reason you're here or it's just the thing you put up with between my rare proper illustrations.  We're in the final stretch of the first chapter finally, and the only reason that's the case is because Kazziepones stepped in to help churn this thing out at a fantastical rate, so there's a huge thanks to her as well.  I know most of you weren't around for the "like two or three pages a year!" pace I was making before, but I can safely say that without her support we'd probably still be waiting for Rarity to show up and most of you still wouldn't be here now.  With her help, we've gone from "barely started" to wrapping up a 70 page chapter in six months.  Lonely Hooves has jumped from being a sporadically updated side project to a dedicated Tumblr that's beating out a long-time fandom staple Beatles parody that's been referenced in the actual show for the top spot on Google.  That is incredible.  You're all incredible!

We'll probably have a proper retrospective come the end of the chapter here in a couple months or so.  In the meantime, there is a long-standing tradition that I haven't gotten to enact in a few years: between chapters is super happy Q&A time, and that requires the Q part to be submitted by the fans.  If you've burning questions (and don't mind frequently ridiculous answers), now's the time to start laying them on me.

But, uh, if it involves "the incident," don't worry.  Your answers begin Monday. ;o
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Hey guys!

I've been working on making more work public on Patreon, which now includes a bunch of older page previews for LH.  If you've ever wondered how the pages look in their sketched forms before Kaz makes them all pretty-pretty, there's now a bunch of freely visible samples up!

Feel free to check out our Patreon post wall here, and see what we've been up to.
Hey guys! Just a quick heads up:

Kazzie has been really ill these past few days, and it's finally caught up with our talking horse friends, so the next page is going to be pushed back to Monday's spot.

We apologize for the delay, but sickly happens to the best of us; and Kazzie cant be a super hero ALL of the time.

Thank you for your patience, and let us all wish Kazzie a quick recovery!
Sketch stream! AAAAH! A bit impromptu, sorta.