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Alright, guys. I keep saying I'll address this and I'm sitting here stuck in the office for a while anyway, so this seems as good a time as any.

I've received a couple inquiries looking for permissions regarding the translation of Lonely Hooves into other languages.  This is super cool, but warranted some discussion between myself and Kazziepones, as LH is our shared monster child and also the first thing presenting us with this situation.  I've been sitting on that discussion's results for a while, mulling over the best route to take with things, and just generally didn't want to rush the situation any more than I already had (which is why I sorta dropped the ball and went more or less completely silent on the matter with regards to responding to the inquiries I'd already received).

My present stance is that Lonely is a fan work and derivative by nature; Hasbro could shut me down with so much as a light sneeze in my direction, so it's not like I'm about to monetize it.  As such, translations outside of my own hosting don't do much to hurt the work as a whole; there's no ad revenue lost, no profits to swindle away, and not a lot of copyright grounds for me to stand on to stop translations even if I wanted to.  We'd discussed the idea of creating an account exclusively for Lonely translations to avoid flooding our galleries with sudden 80+ page dumps of page uploads, but I can't see that being particularly manageable without giving up a lot of that account's security for the various uploaders, nor do I see it being notably necessary, so I think we'll avoid that route for now.

Everything stated, though, I'd like to keep in touch with anyone translating the work so I can keep an eye on the general quality and reactions, lurk the comments with the power of Google Translate, and generally just make sure you're not converting the whole thing into your dialect's variant of repeating the f-bomb 70 times a panel instead of having actual dialouge.

That said, here is my present "official" translation policy for Lonely Hooves:
  • Please note me about wanting to translate!  It'll make the rest of this much, much easier, and (pending a couple things) allow me to help the process along with cleaner files.
  • Translators can upload translations to their accounts, but we require proper credit and citation.  This generally means an inclusion of the footnotes found on our own uploads, as follows:

    :iconzaron: - writing, pencils
    :iconkazziepones: - inks, colors
    Lonely Hooves is a fan work. MLP © Hasbro

    Support us on Patreon!
    Lonely Hooves on Tumblr:

    This note can be translated with the rest of the page descriptors, include translation credits after the original authors', and may include page or gallery navigation at the uploader's discretion.  That said...
  • Please give Lonely Hooves a sub-folder in your gallery!  This doesn't just serve as an easy access point for your readers, but gives us something to link to for readers looking to find the comic in their own language.  Sub-gallery descriptions or links to languages besides the one you've translated to are always favorable, but not required if there is a link to the English sub-gallery on this account, where I will aim to have links to translated languages.
  • We do not need to accept translations as "official" if it becomes clear that they are not meeting our quality standards.  This generally means we are free to dismiss any translation that is abandoned, clearly failing to meet quality expectations, isn't following these guidelines, or really just about anything that could go wrong.  Basically, nothing here is a binding contract because we're talking about a fan work and all have the legal foothold of a snake caught in a mudslide, but we'd like to make it as mutually beneficial as we can for ourselves, our translators, and our readers.
  • As previously implied, translations we accept as "official" will be linked to in some manner to be determined from the main English gallery in some manner of index. We may also offer similar links on the Lonely Hooves Tumblr account.
It is my hope that this policy can help grow Lonely's fanbase, community, and availability.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note and I will try to answer them as soon as I can!

(And, as a reminder of that starting note, this still needs to be finalized!  I just finally had the time and focus to get this all jotted down, and extra motivation from some who are super eager to start!  I hope this works for you guys!)
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May 18, 2016


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